Business Litigation

Business litigation is considered a last resort for settling disputes in the business world – a tool that is only used when mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution is not successful. Litigation can be used for dealing with private individuals or business entities that have a legal issue with business. Though it is possible to settle all sorts of disputes with litigation in Houston, Texas, there are several that commonly arise in the business industry.

For instance, financial and investment disputes often require litigation to resolve. Anyone who suspects that his or her investment broker did not act in an ethical manner can bring business litigation against the broker against whom the allegations are made. Litigation allows for the recouping of financial loss that occurred as a result of the behavior. It is also possible to use litigation in cases where accusations of breach of fiduciary duty are made. When one business entity violates its obligation to act in good faith, the party affected can take legal action to resolve the matter.

Another area of business in which litigation is effective is the debate over intellectual property. Infringements on trademarks, patents, and copyrights are serious legal matters and must often be settled in the courtroom. Litigation can also be used to resolve insurance disputes, especially those that involve commercial entities. When an insurance company attempts to avoid its obligation to pay a legitimate claim, sometimes the only place to end the dispute is in a court of law.

Other forms of dispute resolution are almost always preferred to litigation, but they are not always possible. If you are involved in a business dispute in Houston, Texas and you believe litigation is the next best step, Lewis Harley can help. He’ll discuss your options with you and help you determine if litigation is truly your best option. For more information or to discuss your issue with Lewis, contact him at 713.968.6540 or by email at