Corporate Compliance

Mediation is an effective tool for resolving corporate compliance issues in business. Corporate compliance programs are in place to detect and prevent violations of law by agents, employees, officers, or directors of a business. There is a great deal at stake when a person or entity is accused of violating a corporate compliance agreement, including fines, restitution, sanctions, corporate probation, or jail. Resolving these matters as quickly and efficiently as possible is essential, especially when a business’s reputation is on the line. Mediation offers an effective means by which corporate compliance disputes can be resolved without the expense and frustration of litigation.

There are several reasons why mediation is so effective when used to settle corporate compliance issues. It is a confidential process, so business’s need not worry about their public relations risks when a dispute arises. It is possible to discuss and resolve even the most complex issues without the public ever knowing anything about what was discussed during the mediation session.

Corporate compliance mediation is also efficient, which means it takes less time, uses fewer resources, and therefore, costs less money than other dispute resolution methods. Some mediations are completed in as little as a single day, allowing everyone to return to their usual routines and move beyond the issues that caused the dispute in the first place.

If you believe mediation could help you resolve your issue or you are concerned about corporate compliance issues in Houston, Texas and you want to speak to someone about mediation, Lewis Harley can help. Lewis’s facilitates mediations that allow parties to make their own decisions and remain in control of their outcomes. Mediation sessions are often done in joint sessions with regulatory agencies and other parties to a dispute and may or may not include third-party subject matter experts.

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