FERC/NERC Regulatory Disputes

FERC and NERC are regulatory agencies that regulate interstate and inter-country transmissions of natural oil, gas, and electricity. Their mission is to ensure reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy for customers, by assisting them in obtaining services at a reasonable rate through regulatory and market means. They strive to use resources efficiently, and when a conflict arises, resolve it as quickly and as fairly as possible. The Commissions issue reports each year in which they strive to provide certainty with consistency and to ensure all stakeholders get an opportunity to contribute.

When disputes arise, mediation can be extremely effective for helping parties resolve issues they are unable to resolve on their own. This helps them avoid litigation or more adversarial enforcement actions, which means they are able to find a resolution for less money and in less time. The goal is for the parties to come to a mutually satisfactory solution, rather than dragging the issue through the court system.

If you need assistance resolving a dispute related to FERC or NERC issues in Houston, Texas, Lewis Harley can help. He has more than 28 years of domestic and international experience in private practice, and has worked as both general counsel to public and private companies and as government counsel.

Since 2010 he has served as outside general counsel for a regulatory compliance consulting practice responsible for FERC, NERC, Regional Reliability Organization and ISO reports, audits, self-reports, mitigation plans, enterprise risk, assessments and other reliability compliance related material;

Lewis has successfully provided collaborative mediation for NERC regulatory enforcement sanctions cases as well as mediated FERC Coordinated Functional Registration disputes

Lewis has also been responsible for oversight of mitigation plans filed in response to either self-reports or findings from regulatory audits, and he reviews self-reports and conducts mock regulatory reviews prior to filing of those reports for FCPA, FERC and NERC matters.

For more information or to discuss your FERC or NERC dispute in Houston, Texas with Lewis, contact him at 713.968.6540 or by email at lewis.haley@harleylawgroup.com.