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Mediation is an effective tool for resolving corporate compliance issues in business. Corporate compliance programs are in place to detect and prevent violations of law by agents, employees, officers, or directors of a business. There is a great deal at stake when a person or entity is accused of violating a corporate compliance agreement, including fines, restitution, sanctions, corporate probation, or jail. Resolving these matters as quickly and efficiently as possible is essential, especially when a business’s reputation is on the line. Mediation offers an effective means by which corporate compliance disputes can be resolved without the expense and frustration of litigation.Read More


Business litigation is considered a last resort for settling disputes in the business world – a tool that is only used when mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution is not successful. Litigation can be used for dealing with private individuals or business entities that have a legal issue with business. Though it is possible to settle all sorts of disputes with litigation in Houston, Texas, there are several that commonly arise in the business industry. For instance, financial and investment disputes often require litigation to resolve. Anyone who suspects that his or her investment broker did not act in an ethical manner can bring business litigation against the broker…Read More


FERC and NERC are regulatory agencies that regulate interstate and inter-country transmissions of natural oil, gas, and electricity. Their mission is to ensure reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy for customers, by assisting them in obtaining services at a reasonable rate through regulatory and market means. They strive to use resources efficiently, and when a conflict arises, resolve it as quickly and as fairly as possible. The Commissions issue reports each year in which they strive to provide certainty with consistency and to ensure all stakeholders get an opportunity to contribute. When disputes arise, mediation can be extremely effective for helping parties resolve issues…Read More


Settling a utility marketing dispute can be expensive and frustrating. Doing so in court is an option, but litigation can cause expenses to spiral out of control. Mediation provides an efficient and effective tool for resolving utility disputes. Parties involved in a dispute in Houston, Texas that involve utilities have the option of initially resolving the matter themselves, but when unable to do so, they can pursue litigation leaving the outcome in the hands of a judge. They can also reduce this risk by taking control of their own resolution and settle the dispute in mediation. Mediation is voluntary and utilizes the services of a third party neutral. The goal is to reach a mutually satisfactory solution…Read More