Utility Marketing Disputes

Settling a utility marketing dispute can be expensive and frustrating. Doing so in court is an option, but litigation can cause expenses to spiral out of control. Mediation provides an efficient and effective tool for resolving utility disputes.

Parties involved in a dispute in Houston, Texas that involve utilities have the option of initially resolving the matter themselves, but when unable to do so, they can pursue litigation leaving the outcome in the hands of a judge. They can also reduce this risk by taking control of their own resolution and settle the dispute in mediation.

Mediation is voluntary and utilizes the services of a third party neutral. The goal is to reach a mutually satisfactory solution rather than create a winner or loser. The mediator helps disputing parties design a process that makes it possible to communicate and reach an outcome that works for all involved.

The mediation process has a structure, timetable, dynamics and other benefits that help regulated entities in the settlement negotiation process. Mediation is private and confidential, so nobody feels threatened or uncomfortable with what could be made public during negotiations.

If you are in involved in a utility marketing dispute, Lewis Harley can help. Since 2010, he has served as outside general counsel for a regulatory compliance consulting practice responsible for FERC, NERC, Regional Reliability Organization, and ISO reports. He has experience assisting with audits, self-reports, mitigation plans, enterprise risk, assessments, and other reliability compliance related material.

Additionally, Lewis has been responsible for oversight of mitigation plans filed in response to either self-reports or findings from regulatory audits, and he has spent time reviewing self-reports and conducting mock regulatory reviews.

For more information or to discuss your utility market dispute issue in Houston, Texas with Lewis, contact him at 713.968.6540 or by email at lewis.haley@harleylawgroup.com.